Frequently Asked Questions

About the club

What does JHOC stand for?
Just Hand Over the Cash. Junior Helicopter Officer's Camp. Juries Handing Over Computers.
How long has JHOC been around?
Longer than you can imagine (That's what she said).


How much do trips cost?
It varies from year to year, but it generally runs north of $50,000. Just kidding, you already paid that to Hopkins. Now you can see what that money does for you by enjoying our completely FREE trips!
What is a backpacking trip like?
It's awesome. Come spend the weekend in the woods with us! Hike along the beach at Assateague and spot wild ponies. Watch the sun set over the Potomac on the Appalachian Trail. Become King of the Forest through an all-out survival competition with your fellow backpackers. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you will get to know them better! Absolutely no experience is necessary. We can provide backpacking backpacks, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads if you don't have your own. All you need are some sturdy hiking boots (we may even have a pair if you don't have them), a few extra layers, and a hearty sense of adventure. We will be sleeping either in shelters, under tarps, or under the stars. Latrines are sometimes, but not always, available. Hiking portions of backpacking trips range from two to five hours a day, so if you're worried or looking for more of a challenge, check with us for details. Hope to see you on-trail soon!

What is a canoeing trip like?
So you were watching Pocahontas, and at the point where she's soaring over the waterfall you were thinking: pssshhh, I could do that. Or, more likely: heck yeah - enough studying - I want to do THAT! Take a break from campus, get outside, and come canoeing with JHOC!

JHOC runs day trips paddling on the Potomac, Gunpowder and Monocacy Rivers during both the fall and spring semesters. Pack a lunch (and bring your best "Just Around the Riverbend" impression) and let JHOC take care of the rest. We will outfit you with wetsuits and paddling gear, teach you the strokes, and lead you downstream.

We paddle mostly flat-water in tandem (two-person) boats, leaving early weekend mornings from the JHOC Clubroom and arriving home in time for dinner. There is always the possibility of ice cream on the return trip. As with all JHOC trips, there is no experience necessary to come canoeing - just a love of the outdoors. However, if you're already an advanced paddler, never fear: JHOC has trips that will challenge you too.

What is a caving trip like?
Caving (sometimes called spelunking) is not for the weak at heart. Requirements: ability to climb up a ladder, turn on a flashlight, and hold your pee for 5 hours. Otherwise, no experience required! We will provide you with all the gear you'll need to explore the hidden wonders inside a cave.

A typical trip starts out with an early morning drive to Whitings Neck Cave or Jones Quarry Cave. We'll then gear up and start exploring! A lunch break and meditation are soon to follow, along with an optional rappel into the inner depths of the cave. Don't want to rappel? That's fine too. There's plenty of alcoves and passages to explore on the upper levels.

What is a climbing trip like?
Do you dream of standing at the edge of a cliff with a beautiful landscape dropping away from you on all sides? Do you like to challenge yourself? Or maybe you love climbing at the wall? Whatever the case may be, JHOC would love to have you on our next climbing trip! JHOC hosts a number of outdoor climbing trips each semester, providing all of the technical gear necessary for the trip.

If you have only climbed indoors at the wall, you definitely need to go on one of these trips! Climbing outdoors is very different than indoors. There are no taped holds, and you can use whichever holds or funky moves you like to get up the rock face.

Climbing trips usually have 4-5 hours of climbing time. Frequent destinations include: Great Falls, Sugarloaf Mountain, Annapolis Rocks, Rocks State Park and Black Rocks.

What is a hiking trip like?
Come get dirty with JHOC! Let's get outside, soak up some sunshine, and stretch our legs a little!

Day hiking offers you the chance to get off-campus for part or all of a day, walk through some beautiful Maryland scenery, and even make some new friends. We go outside of Baltimore, often to Loch Raven, Patapsco, The Billy Goat Trail, Gunpowder, Catoctin or other nearby state parks. Trips range from low-key to advanced. All you need are good walking shoes (tennis shoes are fine), a bag lunch, and a little bit of excitement for the outdoors.

What is a mountain biking trip like?
We are excited to get back on the trail and would love for you to join us. As always, you do not need a great deal of experience, but you must know how to ride a bike. If you haven't been mountain biking before, that's fine too! We will also be sure to go over the mountain biking basics to bring everyone up to speed. Before we set out for the trail, we will discuss the skill levels of the participants at the pre-trip meeting and choose a location that best suits our needs. Some of our favorite trails are located at Schaeffer Farms in Seneca Creek State Park or Little Bennett Regional Park. Once we arrive, we will either bike a loop, or part of a loop and then back, depending on trail length. Day trips generally run 3 to 5 hours long. JHOC will provide the bikes and helmets.

What is an orienteering trip like?
Orienteering adds a new twist to day hiking. Orienteering is almost like trail running, but with a set course that you have to navigate. Provided with bearings to various checkpoints, you must find your way through the course using a map and compass. Many of JHOC's orienteering trips are held at established orienteering meets hosted by the Quantico Orienteering Club, at which the course is a race to the finish. No map or compass experience necessary - just come ready to have a great time and we'll teach you the rest!

What is a rappelling trip like?
Rappelling, historically known as the "JHOC Vertical Workshop," follows an opposite trend than climbing: descend first, and then ascend. Put on a harness, we'll tie you in, and you're all set! Part one is to lower yourself down from a 50-foot-ish height on a rope. The rope system allows you to control the speed of your descent and even stop and enjoy the scenery along the way. Once you reach the bottom, part two is to ascend back up the rope with some fancy technical gear.

Traditionally, we have been going to the same rappelling destination for over 10 years: an old bridge in Silver Spring, MD. As with most of JHOC's trips, no experience is necessary - only a sense of adventure and a readiness to experience something new! We will teach you everything you need to know and provide all of the necessary technical gear.