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About Us

The Johns Hopkins Outdoors Club (JHOC) runs trips during the academic year which include hiking, backpacking, climbing, canoeing, caving, mountain biking, orienteering and other outdoor activities. All Hopkins affiliates are invited to participate in our escapades. Equipment and transportation are provided, and every JHOC excursion is free! Check out our schedule of trips to find some that fit your schedule.

JHOC is run by undergraduate student officers who are elected yearly. These fine wilderness enthusiasts scour the globe (or at least the east coast) for beautiful and exciting destinations. Contact  for more information about club activities.

Personalized Group Trips

Are you part of a club, team or organization that needs an idea for a day retreat? Let JHOC organize a personalized outdoors trip for your student group! Pick between our different activities including: hiking, backpacking, climbing, rappelling, canoeing, caving, mountain biking or orienteering. We also offer teambuilding activities, nature lessons, and other add-ons for each trip we lead. We have the training, experience and enthusiasm to make your retreat something special. For a small fee to cover training, gear, and transportation costs, JHOC can lead your group into the outdoors! Contact if you're interested.

Gear for Personal Trips

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide gear for personal trips, even if you offer to pay for it. However, use of our gear is free when you come on any of our trips, so go sign up!

Directions to the JHOC Clubroom

It is somewhat hard to find the club room, but fear not, for hope remains. Simply meander on over to the Rec Center, amble down the brick path to the left of the entrance towards the rear of the building, saunter twixt tables on your right and a steamy building on your left, shuffle across the parking lot to the ROTC building, glance right at the wooden stairs ascending the building, and scale said staircase to the top door. If there's an "Outdoors Club" sign on the wall, you've found us. Otherwise, you're lost, homes.

Or, find us on this campus map.

Thank you to the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association for their generous support!