Joining the Club

Unlike most clubs, you do not have to "join" the Outdoors Club in order to participate in our events. As long as you are affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, you may sign up for any of our trips. In addition, you can subscribe to our mailing list or "like" our Facebook Page and receive notifications regarding upcoming trips and events.

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Applying to be a JHOC Club Leader

If you enjoy going on our trips and would like to become more involved with JHOC, then perhaps you should consider applying to be a Club Leader. If you have been on two or more JHOC trips, you can complete our online application and it will be considered by the current JHOC officers shortly afterwards. There are a number of benefits to becoming a Club Leader, including:

However, these benefits come along with several responsibilities:

Each year the club also selects a few of its Club Leaders to be Outdoor Instructors. Outdoor Instructors are trained in wilderness first aid and trip leadership skills (hundreds of dollars worth of training). The selection process for Outdoor Instructors occurs once at the beginning of each school year during the months of September and October. Both current Club Leaders as well as new applicants will be considered at this time for Outdoor Instructor selection.

New applicants interested in getting certified should attend one of the "Want to be an Outdoor Instructor?" meetings in September. This will be followed by a paper application and an interview process, so we can meet you in person!

The Outdoor Instructor Application is now available online! It must be turned in by 7PM on Monday, October 10th, 2016.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or any other officer from the people page.

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Running for an Officer Position

Every December, JHOC holds elections for all six officer positions: Director, Trip Coordinator, Finance Finatic, Publicity Manager, Historian, and Community Collaborator. Officers have additional duties depending on the position (as outlined below) and must be undergraduate students. Officers attend weekly meetings and are responsible for the operation of the club.

  1. Director: In charge of running meetings, represents JHOC to the Student Activities Commission and Sports Council, and makes sure all club activities are taken care of.
  2. Trip Coordinator: Prepares trip logistics including transportation and leaders, makes sure that all trips run smoothly.
  3. Finance Finatic: Responsible for all the club's finances, including writing budget requests and ordering new gear.
  4. Publicity Manager: Publicizes trips and events and raises awareness of the club on campus.
  5. Historian: Keeps track of the club's history and is in charge of archiving trip photos, records, and artifacts.
  6. Community Coordinator: Promotes JHOC's involvement on and off campus by developing relationships with other organizations, including community service events and alumni outreach.

Additionally, there are two freshmen positions, Gonzo P and Gonzo Q, which do not have any direct responsibilities besides attending meetings and going on trips. These positions are appointed to two freshmen in December by the newly elected board.