Nicole Israel-Meyer

  • Position: Director
  • Hometown: Shelburne, VT
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: climbing rocks, walking, camping, backpacking, picking berries, howling at the moon, frisbee-ing, hugging trees

Karina Wohlhieter

  • Position: Trip Coordinator
  • Hometown: Watertown, CT
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: none (but if I had to choose- backpacking, extreme ironing, hiking, star tripping, kayaking, snorkeling on a mountain bike, skiing, underwater basket weaving, climbing dunes, and foraging for walnuts and raspberries)

Emma Weinert

  • Position: Finance Fanatic
  • Hometown: NYC, NY
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: boats, climbing boats (and rocks), canoeing in maple syrup, chasing bees, caterpillars, being a mole woman (caving), NOLS

Sophie Shoemaker

  • Position: Publicity Manager
  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Extreme Snorkeling, Underground Basket Weaving, Climbing trees, caving, extreme mud wearing, hammocking between stalagmites, befriending crickets

Kyle Shannahan

  • Position: Community Collaborator
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Intermediate backpacking, flipping canoes, climbing trees, licking bugs, pondering the meaning of life while on top of mountains

Mark Ciccaglione

  • Position: Community Collaborator
  • Hometown: Parkridge, NJ
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Intermediate backpacking, star-tripping, jumping over rocks, trail running, boot ducktaping, climbing rocks with ropes, caving, rappeling

Peter Campbell

  • Position: Historian
  • Hometown: Westport, CT
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: bubble blowing, loving rocks, climbing rocks, eating lunch outdoors, hammocking, underwater basketweaving, smelling roses, deep sea diving in kiddie pools

Seena Vafaee

  • Position: Gonzo P
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: hugging mammals, canoeing on rivers of his haters tears, ultra-light hiking up Mt Everest, adventure pooping, spider whispering, teaching trees to dance, singing kidz songs, meditating intently while outdoors

Erin Baggs

  • Position: Gonzo Q
  • Hometown: Columbus, OH
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Climbing rocks, walking on trails, taming wolves, bouldering, eating marshmallows in rivers, teaching fish to walk

Club Leaders

Dylan Alvarez

  • Hometown: Miami, FL
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: slough-slogging, trees, hiking, star-tripping, water skiing, being in water always, snorkeling, tea, zip-lining, climbing, caving, slacklining, adventuring alex-supertramp-style, photographing nature, sunset/rise watching, handstands everywhere

Tess Fields

  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: being cute in the outdoors, snuggling squirrels, climbing tall mountains, being an underwater badass, catching elephants, climbing trees with her toes.

Camilla Dohlman

  • Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: Sunbathing, running on trails, climbing canoes, climbing rocks, climbing bikes, searching for mother nature.

Elana Stroud

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: Snorkeling, walking on water, star-tripping, spontaneous adventuring, mountain biking, crawling through muddy spaces, eating mud, identifying rare insects

Courtney Finkbeiner

  • Hometown: Syracuse, NY
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: Canoeing down waterfalls and lazy rivers, exploring mud infested underground tunnel systems of West Virginia and the surrounding area, surviving in the wilderness, wilderness therapy, hiking long distances with minimal provisions,

Natalie Japlon

  • Hometown: Oak Park, IL
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: backpacking, canoeing, bike riding, taming the shrew, trail horseback riding, hammocking, snacking in the outdoors

Lily McCarthy

  • Hometown: Cohasset, MA
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Sailing, hiking, snowboarding, adventure pooping, sleeping on wet knobs, cooking quinoa, rock climbing, wakesurfing

Hannah Melton

  • Hometown: Caledonia, MI
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: Hiking, singing in the outdoors, eating sunbutter whilst pondering the meaning of life on tree stumps, exploring down under (Australia), discovering new breeds of wild deer

Rachel Rex

  • Hometown: Monte Nido, CA
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: climbing, caving, outdoor acro yoga, hiking, exploring the unknown, mountain biking, skiing down slopes of mashed potatoes

Elijah Pivo

  • Hometown: Tuscon, AZ
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: Canoeing, riding inflatable dolphins, discovering exotic river orcas, taming said orcas, digging to the center of the earth

Nate McIntosh

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: climbing sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks, taking photos outdoors, exploring depths of unknown caves, making friends with dogs, being classy outdoors

Buck Thompson

  • Hometown: Boulder, CO
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: prarie dog observation, skiing down steep mountains, climbing up sharp rocks, climbing 14'ers, dancing with hawks, taming bears for races

Bailey Surtees

  • Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: traversing rivers in canoes, climbing to the center of the earth in caves, hiking across treacherous mountains, training new outdoors leaders, identifying rare species of flowering rocks

Jessamy Taylor

  • Hometown: Forest Grove, OR
  • Year: '17
  • Outdoor Interests: Climbing up rough rocks, rappelling, slacklining, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, building tree houses, adopting Pacific Northwest Tree Octopi to avoid extinction

Jake Morris

  • Hometown: New Canaan, CT
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Hiking over snowy ridges, canoeing through watersheds, teaching astronomy to owls, loving all plants equally, introducing binoculars to partially blind hawks

Stanley Chu

  • Hometown: Sacremento, California
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Breakdancing on ice covered ponds, exploring new trails, identifying plants while rock climbing, surviving off the land with only his immense knowledge of flora and fauna

Miguel Inserni

  • Hometown: Alamo, CA
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Mountain biking over canyons, exploring caves in rivers in canoes, singing while climbing steep hills, bouldering on round rocks, being an eagle scout

Luke Robinson

  • Hometown: Mendocino, California
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Taming wild ponies, hiking through swarms of mosquitos and living to tell the tale, raising chickadees in his dorm room, climbing up steep rocks, caving in dark tunnels of limestone, hammocking between mountain peaks

Julia Dickson

  • Hometown: San Diego, California
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Paddle boarding across the Pacific Ocean, kayak yoga, canoeing through drain pipes, hiking through desserts and tundras, identifying rare rainforest cacti, smelling bird feathers

Willa Grinsfelder

  • Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Canoeing through the boundary waters, hiking with a canoe on her back, climbing up cliffs with a canoe, hiking through Maryland with a canoe behind her, taming wild canoe aphids, star-gazing in a canoe, paddling across campus

August Bratti

  • Hometown: Scotchplains, NJ
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Hiking while singing "Closer" by the Chainsmokers, teaching corgis how to rockclimb, sniffing leaves of rare trees, swimming in caves, exploring unknown rivers and lakes

Previous Officers


  • Director: Elana Stroud
  • Trip Coordinator: Nicole Israel-Meyer/Tess Fields
  • Finance Fanatic: Nate McIntosh
  • Publicity Manager: Rachel Rex
  • Historian: Emma Weinert
  • Community Coordinator: Buck Thompson/Bailey Surtees
  • Gonzo P: Karina Wohlhieter
  • Gonzo Q: Jake Morris


  • Director: Marni Epstein
  • Trip Coordinator: Coutney Finkbeiner/Tess Fields
  • Finance Fanatic: Bijan Abar
  • Publicity Manager: Camilla Dohlman
  • Historian: Conrad Pritchard
  • Community Coordinator: Elana Stroud/Dylan Alvarez
  • Gonzo P: Nicole Israel-Meyer
  • Gonzo Q: Nate McIntosh


  • Director: Dennis Pang
  • Trip Coordinator: Conrad Pritchard
  • Finance Fanatic: Marni Epstein/Jillian Tse
  • Publicity Manager: Joseph Min (and Zach Sabin, I guess)
  • Historian: Jessamy Taylor
  • Community Coordinator: Aryel Abramovitz/Greg Langer
  • Gonzo P: Elana Stroud
  • Gonzo Q: Dylan Alvarez


  • Director: Seth Stadick
  • Trip Coordinator: Linnea Metcalf
  • Finance Fanatic: Ashley Feldman
  • Publicity Manager: Dennis Pang
  • Historian: Jillian Tse
  • Community Coordinator: Alison Burklund/Liz Gomez
  • Gonzo P: Marni Epstein
  • Gonzo Q: Sarah Ragen


  • Director: Jacob Wildfire
  • Trip Coordinator: Seth Stadick
  • Finance Fanatic: Ashley Feldman/Dennis Pang
  • Publicity Manager: Adam Gross
  • Historian: Jeremy Orloff
  • Community Coordinator: Ayresleigh Rowland/Elaine Yu
  • Gonzo P: Dennis Pang
  • Gonzo Q: Alison Burklund


  • Director: Ben Parker
  • Trip Coordinator: Howie Joress
  • Equipment Managers: Ashley Feldman/Vi Nguyen
  • Publicity Manager: Adam Gross
  • Historian: Jeremy Orloff
  • Community Liason: Ayresleigh Rowland
  • Gonzo P: Seth Stadick
  • Gonzo Q: Zoe Kaiser


  • Director: Helen Sims
  • Trip Coordinator: Ben Parker
  • Equipment Manager: Howie Joress
  • Publicity Manager: Vanessa Valdivia
  • Historians: Audrey Swanenberg/Diane Simunek
  • Community Liason: Meagan Hawes
  • Gonzo P: Jeremy Orloff
  • Gonzo Q: Ayresleigh Rowland


  • Director: Ben Margolis
  • Trip Coordinators: Helen Sims/Vanessa Valdivia
  • Equipment Manager: Howie Joress
  • Publicity Managers: Ben Parker/Amy Conwell
  • Historian: Vanessa Valdivia/Barbara Lam
  • Gonzo P: Audrey Swanenberg
  • Gonzo Q: Keith Spangler


  • Director: Laura Dingle
  • Trip Coordinator: Katrina Foelber
  • Equipment Manager: Stephanie Sapp
  • Publicity Manager: Amy Dusto
  • Historian: Ben Margolis
  • Gonzo P: none
  • Gonzo Q: Helen Sims


  • Director: Nicole Angeli
  • Trip Coordinator: Laurel Murphy
  • Equipment Manager: Katrina Foelber
  • Publicity Manager: Wade Mayes
  • Historian: Leanne Stunkel
  • Gonzo P: Amy Dusto
  • Gonzo Q: Ben Margolis


  • Director: Leanne Stunkel
  • Trip Coordinator: Dan Fisher
  • Equipment Manager: Gregory Caravelli
  • Publicity Manager: Becky Busch
  • Historian: Cindy Fei
  • Gonzo P: Wade Mayes
  • Gonzo Q: Nicole Angeli


  • Director: Gregory Caravelli
  • Trip Coordinator: Hana Chang
  • Equipment Manager: Will Lebing
  • Publicity Manager: Kay Starr
  • Historian: Becky Busch
  • Gonzo P: Dan Fisher
  • Gonzo Q: Leanne Stunkel


  • Director: Brett Vintch
  • Trip Coordinator: Kay Starr
  • Equipment Manager: Chris Flory
  • Publicity Manager: Jared Hierman
  • Historian: Joel Weitzman
  • Gonzo P: Monica Wendel
  • Gonzo Q: Gregory Caravelli


  • Director: Glenn Wolfe
  • Trip Coordinator: Whitney Sullivan-Lewis
  • Equipment Manager: Brett Vintch
  • Publicity Manager: Holly Martin
  • Historian: Katie Knight
  • Gonzo P: Kay Starr
  • Gonzo Q: none


  • Director: Robert Theobald
  • Trip Coordinator: Emilie Romeiser
  • Publicity Manager: Tom Manderachi
  • Historian: Evan Grove
  • Gonzo P: Katie Knight
  • Gonzo Q: none