Nicole Israel-Meyer

  • Position: Director
  • Hometown: Shelburne, VT
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: climbing rocks, walking, camping, backpacking, picking berries, howling at the moon, frisbee-ing, hugging trees

Willa Grinsfelder

  • Position: Trip Coordinator
  • Hometown: St Paul, MN
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: none (but if I had to choose- backpacking, extreme ironing, hiking, star tripping, kayaking, snorkeling on a mountain bike, skiing, underwater basket weaving, climbing dunes, and foraging for walnuts and raspberries)

Lily McCarthy

  • Position: Finance Fanatic
  • Hometown: Cohasset, MA
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: biking down rough paths, pooping in the woods, singing to flowers, prancing through meadows

Sophie Shoemaker

  • Position: Publicity Manager
  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Extreme Snorkeling, Underground Basket Weaving, Climbing trees, caving, extreme mud wearing, hammocking between stalagmites, befriending crickets

Kyle Shannahan

  • Position: Community Collaborator
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Intermediate backpacking, flipping canoes, climbing trees, licking bugs, pondering the meaning of life while on top of mountains

Mark Ciccaglione

  • Position: Community Collaborator
  • Hometown: Parkridge, NJ
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Intermediate backpacking, star-tripping, jumping over rocks, trail running, boot ducktaping, climbing rocks with ropes, caving, rappeling

Luke Robinson

  • Position: Historian
  • Hometown: Ukiah, CA
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: bubble blowing, loving rocks, climbing rocks, eating lunch outdoors, hammocking, underwater basketweaving, smelling roses, deep sea diving in kiddie pools

Seena Vafaee

  • Position: Gonzo P
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: hugging mammals, canoeing on rivers of his haters tears, ultra-light hiking up Mt Everest, adventure pooping, spider whispering, teaching trees to dance, singing kidz songs, meditating intently while outdoors

Erin Baggs

  • Position: Gonzo Q
  • Hometown: Columbus, OH
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Climbing rocks, walking on trails, taming wolves, bouldering, eating marshmallows in rivers, teaching fish to walk

Club Leaders


Eli Pivo

  • Hometown: Tucson, AZ
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: canoeing, hiking, turtling, chasing waterfalls, bonding with otters

Nate McIntosh

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: being cute in the outdoors, climbing tall rocks, climbing hard rocks, climbing short rocks, biking over hills and valleys

Rachel Rex

  • Hometown: Monte Nido, CA
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: Sunbathing, climbing like a sloth, eating leaves, cuddling with slugs

Jessamy Taylor

  • Hometown: Portland, OR
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: Climbing tall rocks, hiking tall rocks, lomping, dancing with robots in woods, sleeping upright

Buck Thompson

  • Hometown: Boulder, CO
  • Year: '18
  • Outdoor Interests: Hiking 14'ers, skiing down mountains, climbing up cliffs, befriending prarie dogs


Natalie Japlon

  • Hometown: Oak Park, IL
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: backpacking, canoeing, bike riding, taming the shrew, trail horseback riding, hammocking, snacking in the outdoors

Lily McCarthy

  • Hometown: Cohasset, MA
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Sailing, hiking, snowboarding, adventure pooping, sleeping on wet knobs, cooking quinoa, rock climbing, wakesurfing

Karina Wohlhieter

  • Hometown: Watertown, CT
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Canoeing, flipping canoes, biking up and down hills in rapid succession, falling off bikes, sunbathing, hammocking off cliffs

Peter Campbell

  • Hometown: Wasp, CT
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: climbing, caving, sniffing rocks, hiking, exploring the unknown, mountain biking, skiing down slopes of mashed potatoes

Jake Morris

  • Hometown: New Canaan, CT
  • Year: '19
  • Outdoor Interests: Hiking over snowy ridges, canoeing through watersheds, teaching astronomy to owls, loving all plants equally, introducing binoculars to partially blind hawks


Stanley Chu

  • Hometown: Sacremento, California
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Breakdancing on ice covered ponds, exploring new trails, identifying plants while rock climbing, surviving off the land with only his immense knowledge of flora and fauna

Miguel Inserni

  • Hometown: Alamo, CA
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Mountain biking over canyons, exploring caves in rivers in canoes, singing while climbing steep hills, bouldering on round rocks, being an eagle scout

Julia Dickson

  • Hometown: San Diego, California
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Paddle boarding across the Pacific Ocean, kayak yoga, canoeing through drain pipes, hiking through desserts and tundras, identifying rare rainforest cacti, smelling bird feathers

August Bratti

  • Hometown: Scotchplains, NJ
  • Year: '20
  • Outdoor Interests: Hiking while singing "Closer" by the Chainsmokers, teaching corgis how to rockclimb, sniffing leaves of rare trees, swimming in caves, exploring unknown rivers and lakes

Previous Officers


  • Director: Elana Stroud
  • Trip Coordinator: Nicole Israel-Meyer/Tess Fields
  • Finance Fanatic: Nate McIntosh
  • Publicity Manager: Rachel Rex
  • Historian: Emma Weinert
  • Community Coordinator: Buck Thompson/Bailey Surtees
  • Gonzo P: Karina Wohlhieter
  • Gonzo Q: Jake Morris


  • Director: Marni Epstein
  • Trip Coordinator: Coutney Finkbeiner/Tess Fields
  • Finance Fanatic: Bijan Abar
  • Publicity Manager: Camilla Dohlman
  • Historian: Conrad Pritchard
  • Community Coordinator: Elana Stroud/Dylan Alvarez
  • Gonzo P: Nicole Israel-Meyer
  • Gonzo Q: Nate McIntosh


  • Director: Dennis Pang
  • Trip Coordinator: Conrad Pritchard
  • Finance Fanatic: Marni Epstein/Jillian Tse
  • Publicity Manager: Joseph Min (and Zach Sabin, I guess)
  • Historian: Jessamy Taylor
  • Community Coordinator: Aryel Abramovitz/Greg Langer
  • Gonzo P: Elana Stroud
  • Gonzo Q: Dylan Alvarez


  • Director: Seth Stadick
  • Trip Coordinator: Linnea Metcalf
  • Finance Fanatic: Ashley Feldman
  • Publicity Manager: Dennis Pang
  • Historian: Jillian Tse
  • Community Coordinator: Alison Burklund/Liz Gomez
  • Gonzo P: Marni Epstein
  • Gonzo Q: Sarah Ragen


  • Director: Jacob Wildfire
  • Trip Coordinator: Seth Stadick
  • Finance Fanatic: Ashley Feldman/Dennis Pang
  • Publicity Manager: Adam Gross
  • Historian: Jeremy Orloff
  • Community Coordinator: Ayresleigh Rowland/Elaine Yu
  • Gonzo P: Dennis Pang
  • Gonzo Q: Alison Burklund


  • Director: Ben Parker
  • Trip Coordinator: Howie Joress
  • Equipment Managers: Ashley Feldman/Vi Nguyen
  • Publicity Manager: Adam Gross
  • Historian: Jeremy Orloff
  • Community Liason: Ayresleigh Rowland
  • Gonzo P: Seth Stadick
  • Gonzo Q: Zoe Kaiser


  • Director: Helen Sims
  • Trip Coordinator: Ben Parker
  • Equipment Manager: Howie Joress
  • Publicity Manager: Vanessa Valdivia
  • Historians: Audrey Swanenberg/Diane Simunek
  • Community Liason: Meagan Hawes
  • Gonzo P: Jeremy Orloff
  • Gonzo Q: Ayresleigh Rowland


  • Director: Ben Margolis
  • Trip Coordinators: Helen Sims/Vanessa Valdivia
  • Equipment Manager: Howie Joress
  • Publicity Managers: Ben Parker/Amy Conwell
  • Historian: Vanessa Valdivia/Barbara Lam
  • Gonzo P: Audrey Swanenberg
  • Gonzo Q: Keith Spangler


  • Director: Laura Dingle
  • Trip Coordinator: Katrina Foelber
  • Equipment Manager: Stephanie Sapp
  • Publicity Manager: Amy Dusto
  • Historian: Ben Margolis
  • Gonzo P: none
  • Gonzo Q: Helen Sims


  • Director: Nicole Angeli
  • Trip Coordinator: Laurel Murphy
  • Equipment Manager: Katrina Foelber
  • Publicity Manager: Wade Mayes
  • Historian: Leanne Stunkel
  • Gonzo P: Amy Dusto
  • Gonzo Q: Ben Margolis


  • Director: Leanne Stunkel
  • Trip Coordinator: Dan Fisher
  • Equipment Manager: Gregory Caravelli
  • Publicity Manager: Becky Busch
  • Historian: Cindy Fei
  • Gonzo P: Wade Mayes
  • Gonzo Q: Nicole Angeli


  • Director: Gregory Caravelli
  • Trip Coordinator: Hana Chang
  • Equipment Manager: Will Lebing
  • Publicity Manager: Kay Starr
  • Historian: Becky Busch
  • Gonzo P: Dan Fisher
  • Gonzo Q: Leanne Stunkel


  • Director: Brett Vintch
  • Trip Coordinator: Kay Starr
  • Equipment Manager: Chris Flory
  • Publicity Manager: Jared Hierman
  • Historian: Joel Weitzman
  • Gonzo P: Monica Wendel
  • Gonzo Q: Gregory Caravelli


  • Director: Glenn Wolfe
  • Trip Coordinator: Whitney Sullivan-Lewis
  • Equipment Manager: Brett Vintch
  • Publicity Manager: Holly Martin
  • Historian: Katie Knight
  • Gonzo P: Kay Starr
  • Gonzo Q: none


  • Director: Robert Theobald
  • Trip Coordinator: Emilie Romeiser
  • Publicity Manager: Tom Manderachi
  • Historian: Evan Grove
  • Gonzo P: Katie Knight
  • Gonzo Q: none