Fall 2017 Schedule.
(Locations are subject to change)
Sign Ups open at 5pm on the date indicated
Pre-Trip Procedure (below)
Sign Up Status Sep  
Available 2 (Sat) Hike and Bike – Roland Park
Opens 8/24 9-10 Backpacking – Assateague Island
Opens 8/31 16 (Sat) Mountain Biking – Schaeffer Farms
Opens 8/31 17 (Sun) Whitewater Canoeing – Potomac River
Opens 8/31 17 (Sun) Climbing – Black Rocks
Opens 9/7 24 (Sun) Hiking – Loch Raven Reservoir
Opens 9/14 29-30 Overnight Survival Hiking – Catoctin
Opens 9/14 30 (Sat) Hike and Bike – Druid Hill Park
Opens 9/14 1 (Sun) Mountain Biking – Little Bennett
Opens 9/21 7 (Sat) Whitewater Canoeing – Shenandoah River
Opens 9/21 7 (Sat) Horizontal Caving – Carnegie Cave
Opens 9/21 8 (Sun) Climbing – Rock State Park
Opens 9/28 14 (Sat) Flatwater Canoeing – Monocacy River
Opens 9/28 14-15 Backpacking – Appalachian Trail
Opens 10/12 29 (Sun) Halloween Hike – Loch Raven Reservoir
Opens 10/19 3-4 Overnight Vertical Caving – Whitings Neck
Opens 10/19 5 (Sun) Climbing – Annapolis Rocks
Opens 10/26 11 (Sat) Mountain Biking – Rosaryville State Park
Opens 10/26 12 (Sun) Horizontal Caving – Wind Cave
Opens 11/16 2 (Sat) Vertical Caving – Whitings Neck
Pre-Trip Schedule
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

Sign Ups Begin (5pm)

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Sign Ups End (12am)

Sun Mon

Pre-Trip Meeting (usually 7pm)

Tue Wed

Medical Form & Waiver Due (by 5pm)

Thu Fri Weekend

Meet at JHOC Clubroom for Trip

What is Survival Hiking?

You’re in the middle of the woods, hours away from Hopkins, and your defunct leaders have forgotten basically all of the gear you need to eat -- there’s no stove, no gas, no lighter. You and the other participants think “Why did we do this? Who are these wacky leaders anyway, how do they think we’ll eat?!”

This scenario would never actually happen, thanks to our amazingly competent and highly-trained leaders (plus, we want to eat too -- we wouldn’t forget cooking supplies!!!), but luckily thanks to our new survival hiking program, we can equip you with the tools to come out of an under-equipped scenario such as this warm and satiated.

There’s a lot to survival hiking that can take hours and hours of practice to perfect. For the sake of our day-trips, we condense that down into fun-sized chunks of survival skills. You’ll learn to build a fire with just a striker and the sticks and bark you can find around you. You’ll learn to set dead-fall traps that can stand for hours on their own until they’re triggered. And if nothing else, you’ll learn how to be innovative in demanding situations.

Pre-Trip Procedure

  1. Sign up online
    • (starting the Friday two weeks before the trip at 5pm)
  2. Receive email confirming you're on the trip
    • (Saturday or Sunday before the trip)
  3. Attend mandatory pre-trip meeting
    • (usually the Monday before the trip at 7pm)
  4. Send in your digitally signed medical form and waiver to op@jhu.edu and to your trip leaders
    • (by Wednesday at 5pm)
  5. Meet at the JHOC Clubroom at the designated time—enjoy the trip!
    • (day of the trip)

Detailed Information

Sign Ups
Please note that JHOC does not have the ability to take everyone who signs up for our trips with us into the field. Leaders select participants in order to comprise trips that meet our core mission of providing safe and enjoyable trips for the JHU community. In doing this we give preference to the undergraduate students and those who have not previously been on JHOC trips. We also give preference to those who show enthusiasm by signing up first for our trips.
Pre-Trip Meeting
During this mandatory meeting, the trip leaders will go over important information about the trip. They will also collect medical forms and waivers, which every person is required to complete before going on any trip. You may digitally fill out and print the medical form and waiver (links below) beforehand to bring to the pre-trip meeting. Otherwise, make sure to bring your health insurance information with you - this information is required on the medical form! If you absolutely can not make the pre-trip meeting, let the trip leaders know this! If you do not contact your leaders and fail to show up, your spot will be given to someone else.